My goal is to help participants become better partners in better partnerships.

This means helping build fit-for-purpose partnerships, designed for context and circumstances, that are flexible as they grow, mature and learn over time.

There are many ways to go. Sound and informed strategic and operational design choices make for sustainable, effective, impactful international law partnerships.

A partnership works best if it works for all partners.

Can I be of help to you or your organization? My approach is collaborative and iterative, gearing my advice to business objectives and existing parameters. I seek to empower decision makers to understand their choices by laying out options, considerations and implications that are context-specific. From setting to structure - I can help make the choices yours. 

Please contact me if you would like an initial conversation about how I can support your endeavors and expand your world.  I am available for one-off consultations or ongoing transactional support, as well as workshops, training and presentations.

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