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for sustainable, efficient, impactful international development


Allow me to introduce a practice area: 

STRUCTURED PARTNERSHIPS in the international arena.

Structured partnerships involving international partners: They are all over the place, but the practice of structuring and designing them is not. Partners often pay little attention to partnership structure and design - until the partnership proves defective.


Over many years at the World Bank and with other clients, I  supported hundreds of partnership programs and trust funds across a broad range of international development topics, settings, and configurations - and indeed, I have seen ones that work and ones that don't.


Through my books, events, and consulting, I seek to empower international partners to create and maintain fit-for-purpose, contextualized partnership platforms that are sustainable, efficient, and impactful. It is a practice area, and it makes a difference.


Andrea E. Stumpf


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based in the Washington, DC area

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