Andrea E. Stumpf,
award-winning author and partnership advisor 
with a legal background

Previously employed by government, law firms, private companies, and a  multilateral development institution, I have been around the block more than a few times.


Now as a consultant, my clients range from private foundations, nongovernmental organizations, academic institutions, consulting firms, to multilateral development banks and more.

Are you a true believer in the benefits of inclusive collaboration and the synergies of structured partnerships? I am.





Check out some of my publications:

Conceptualizing Fiduciary Structures That Create Demand for Development Outcomes, with others in SocArXiv, 2019

Partnering in the Unincorporated International Arena, in the robert wray pllc newsletter, 2019

Trust-Funded Partnership Programmes of the World Bank Under the ARIO, in Brill IOLR, 2016

Here is what the practice of structuring international partnership programs takes and what I bring:

  • Years as a lawyer with complex, multi-party drafting and negotiating experience.

  • A business mindset with practical understandings of how partnership governance works.

  • Extensive experience with upstream funding vehicles, like full trustee and pass-through trust funds.

  • Extensive experience with downstream funding operations, like loans and grants.

  • The ability to move smoothly from conceptualization to documentation to implementation.

  • A consistent focus on results and closure, always thinking ahead to operationalizing.

  • Adaptability to specific contexts through dynamic interaction with clients and partners.

  • Creative thinking and innovative approaches that make solutions out of problems.

  • Unflagging attention to detail coupled with broad perspectives and big picture understandings.

  • A knack for clear articulations of common ground among partners and constructive mechanisms to reach results.

  • An understanding of different roles, like trustee, secretariat, decider, implementer, etc. that lets design be modular.

  • An understanding of financial / fiduciary aspects, like fees, costs, fund use, procurement, conflicts, safeguards, etc. 

  • A honed lens to troubleshoot reputational, legal and other risks, and then find and design mitigations.



Can I help you and your organization?

My approach is collaborative and iterative. I gear my advice to business objectives and existing parameters. I seek to empower partners. I help them understand their choices and lay out context-specific options and implications.

Contact me for an initial conversation about how I can expand your world.  

My goal is to help participants become better partners in better partnerships.

(c) 2017-20 by Andrea E. Stumpf