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Award-winning Primer for Partners,


a practical guide for

all partners

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a handy toolkit for all lawyers


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A PRIMER FOR PARTNERS - How to Structure for Sustainability, Efficiency, and Development Impact

If you're an international partner, this is for you! 


You might never think of picking up a book like this, but 100 diagrams make it easy to read, and dozens of cat cartoons make it fun.  Add to that an open layout, clearly organized chapters, a comprehensive glossary of key terms, an expansive index, and lots of cross-references. 

You can read the whole book or just selectively on topics that interest you. Get to know the structural landscape in which you are operating.


A BOOK FOR BUILDERS - How to Design and Draft for Sustainability, Efficiency, and Development Impact

If you work with partnership documents, this is for you! 


With orienting chapters on balance and dualities, as well as practical chapters on how to articulate terms and align signed and adopted documents, this book can do for you what the ABA Annotated Stock Purchase Agreement did for me - unpack the black box. Filled with diagrams and lots of Maennlein cartoons, this tells you all about documents needed to establish international partnership programs and supporting trust funds.

This is the first of two companion books. The Primer for Partners is written for everyone: business teams, partner representatives, policy staff, lawyers, accountants, and more. It lays the foundation through concepts, options, visuals, and even vocabulary. It helps partners understand where they are in the structural landscape and how to think about roles and responsibilities in fit-for-purpose partnership programs.

This is the second of two books. The Book for Builders draws from and expands upon the Primer, with ample cross-references to link topics and deepen understanding. Featuring a model charter with an 80-page annotated section that goes clause-by-clause, this book is written especially for lawyers and other professionals who draft, review, negotiate, and amend documents. 

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Balance doesn't happen by itself!